Rick and I did this terrific ride last year and it was a gorgeous heart-pumper of a challenge. This year, John Anderson joined us.


Top riders prep'ing their legs

Yet another gratuitous selfie

Lots of team riders were here too

Riders went off in waves, on the narrow road at the bottom of the mountain. I was in wave 4.

My BentoBag packed with Gu and energy nuggets. That's the State Park boundary across the way.

A steady line of riders hugged the road, which was closed just for us

Passing through the fire area of a few years back...

The last 500 yards are the steepest, around 17% grade I hear, so the finish line is a welcome sight. I took this right after crossing.

Wow - a gorgeous crisp clean early Autumn day from one of the great view-from-the-top mountains in California or anywhere.

The stories beg to be told!

Rick came in just over an hour, John at 1:17:43, and I came in at 1:31:30, beating last year's time by a few minutes

John thoroughly enjoyed his first Mt Diablo, can't you tell?

3362 ft of climbing on a toasty warm morning

Re-fill those depleted water bottles for the ride back down the mountain

Some confusion about how to get to the nearest protein source... John works his iPhone, and we decide on a Chipotle in downtown Danville, if we can figure out how to nav there.

That outta do it - a massive burrito. Ferrell focus is evident. Burrito inhalation is serious business after a race. Well done, gang!