Adventure #2 in my 4th of July weekend was to drive up to the north edge of Nicene Marks State Park for a short run, as final warm-up for tomorrow's Fremont Peak run by a group from the Santa Cruz Track Club. I carried my little Lumix to snap a few shots, mostly to try and do some artsy things, just to experiment and learn...


grab shot selfie of my colorful shoes and socks as I ran

I ran the Hihn Rd trail, the main route for mtn bikers returning from the fun single-track up higher on the mountain

This protected spot held two young steelhead

Reflections in Soquel Creek, at the end of my run

After the run, I drove a couple miles back, to Karl's, and we photo'd the Moon/Mars near graze in late afternoon light, then celebrated with other local friends the holidays, before settling in for watching a Blu-Ray of "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". Great get together! I've got pix of the Moon/Mars conjunction here.

4th of July
At the end, I drove back down to Cabrillo Observatory and did a bit of work before sleeping till early morning, then met the SCTC gang at the entrance to Nicene Marks for carpooling to San Juan Bautista, where 7 of us would then run from there up to the summit of Fremont Peak.

Sunday morning, I awoke, and poked my head outside the door of the observatory to see dawn light filtering through the fog on the madrones and redwoods, here rendered in poster edge artistic filter. Inspired, I smiled, had my morning smoothie, and tossed my things in the car, taking off to Nicene Marks State Park a couple miles away to meet my friends.

Joe gives me some tips on adventures to plan for my drive to Colorado, on the drive to San Juan Bautista

Proper hydration will be important. So, no IPA's, we'll stick with just Corona's (no, not DURING the run - afterwards of course)

de rigor, this group shot in front of the ancient sign starts our annual run

Diane, Joe, and others supported us well - stopping ahead every mile and offering water if needed.

The middle miles: treeless and hot. The fog far down, at the coast looks good

The last few hundred yards - there's Fremont Peak under my chin

At the parking lot near the top; we brought plenty of replenishment. Diane's turkey rolls were the fav!

Ahhh - that was great! Now, a final 2/3 of a mile run to the summit.

Back down to the picnic tables for a few more eats, and sing to Joe!

Diane was heroic support for us... because she couldn't run - she blew out her foot with blisters the day before, climbing a mountain in new shoes (doh!)

I was happy the run went well for me. It took only 2hr 24 for me to climb the 11.4 miles to the parking lot, which is about 2900 ft of pure climbing. I recovered very fast, running without trouble for a few miles the next day. It's the downhill beating that seems to require more days rest, seems to be the conclusion.