Gizdich Farms Ride - Oct 5, 2013

This has become an annual tradition, thanks to the Delucchi's. I got up on time, despite being tired from Friday's run up to UCSC and back. Got loaded, hit the road, and 7 miles later realized I'd left my cycling shoes at home - doh! Retrieving them put me behind schedule, but I still arrived at the Delucchi's at 8:40pm, and they'd not QUITE left yet. Got into the group start photo, and off we went...Here's the route on mapmyride . The plan was to work our way over to Gizditch Ranch and enjoy some apple and berry pie a'la mode, then hit Hazel Dell for at least one extended hill. Then, BBQ and beer around the pool at Dave and Diane's - hard to beat for a fall Saturday.