Our SCTC group wanted to do the Pikes Peak Ascent Half Marathon this year. Perfect! This would be my summer adventure. But first, it would take qualifying. The race entry opened in mid March, and so by the time we decided we were going to do this, it was the Hellyer Half Marathon in San Jose that was our one and only opportunity to get a qualifying time: For the second wave of Pikes Peak, that meant doing a 2:25 half. My recovery from surgery was progressing well this year, finally, yet still that was going to be the fastest half marathon I'd done since the mid '90's. I'm pretty good about pain management, and so I figured I'd qualify, but what would be left of me afterwards??

hmmph - rain. Like, the only rainy day all winter, and it's on this morning. Dave and I await the other car, with the girls, and discuss strategy.

The rain continued through the first half of the race, then stopped. Diane was a worry wort about beating the qualifying time, but ended up turning on the afterburners on the return, and even beat 2 hrs, at 1:59.

Happy runners

I was hurting all during the incoming leg, but held my pace, and easily got in under the qualifying time. My best half in 20 years! 2:18. Pike's Peak beckons!

Dave had an excellent 5K race, winning his age division and earning some podium time

Our whole crew did well. Dave D took first in the 5k. Diane beat 2 hrs. Carmen is running better, thanks to good training, and in fact is running better than any time in the past 20 years, and took 2nd in her age group. I did my best half marathon since before my hip resurfacing and easily qualified for Pike's Peak with a 2:18:36 time. But, it hurt - left hip flexors/psoas again. It's getting stronger and more flexible, but it's still my weak link.

Pikes Peak is firmly on the calendar now. We'll have more tough races leading into the late Spring and Summer to prepare



Race Results