A Ride to Castelano's - Dec 16, 2012

Kent was up from LA for a week of tidying his SC Mtns cabin and enjoying Santa Cruz. This weekend was our only chance to get in a ride. The weatherman PROMISED us that Saturday's rain would give way to calm on Sunday, and it wouldn't rain again till late Sunday night. If only...

I got on the road and the plan was to meet at DeLaveaga at 2:15pm. Within 10 minutes of leaving our places; it started sprinkling. Kent returned to get his waterproof jacket. I toughed it out, and caught up with him on Redwood drive. We rode in gradually increasing rain, arriving at Castelano's for a bit of a snack; apples, I brought some dark chocolate.... then on to Soquel and back to downtown SC for some hot chocolate at Peet's on Pacific. Fun, wet, and 21 miles and 1000 ft of climbing to put into the log book.

a few miles up Branciforte - it's raining harder

Past St. Clares, on Mtn. View. Soaked through at this point.

A little chocolate to warm things up, at Castelano's. I also begged a plastic bag off the guy at the counter so I could keep my camera dry.

Warm and cozy in Peet's downtown, although my medium size hot cocoa turned out to be mostly just foam on top. Sheesh!