Thanksgiving Day - time to earn that turkey stuffing. The Bay Area cyclists Low Key Hill Climb Series finale was a 4500 ft climb up to the Lick Observatory on top of Mt. Hamilton. Rick's obviously a much stronger cyclist than I, and since this finale was a mass start time trial, the only way to make sure that we got back in time for Thanksgiving day festivities with the friends and family, was for me to go unofficial and start early. I started up about 40 minutes ahead of the peleton and hoped I wouldn't have Rick pass me until near the top.

Loading up my bike in the early a.m.

A pose before hopping on.

A mile up from our parking spot, is the start line. I keep on going - I'll need a lead to hold off these strong riders for at least most of the climb

I brought my little Lumix in my Bento bag to capture the climb's better moments.

Mostly, I pedaled hard, up curvy shaded road, past the park, and past the firestation and creek - and here's just past the creek onto the winding steep climb to the summit

Halfway up, the riders who started on time have caught up. Here's Rick's better side

High above Silicon Valley now, looking across to the Santa Cruz Mountains

The first domes of Lick Observatory

The 40" scope dome - the finish line - comes into view

Fall colors, astronomers, bikes.... what more could you ask for?


The last miles go slowly, as the road gets intestinal-y curvy.

The finish turn

A beautiful Fall day, with great company. Right after this shot, we hopped on the bikes for a fast ride down the mountain.

... and we're ready for some Thanksgiving turkey. Ferrell ponders - how the heck did we get both bikes in there...?

In lieu of gas money, I treated Rick to a massive meal at Taco Bell in San Jose, and here we part ways back at my place - well done fun!

This hill climb series is great fun, and I'll look forward to more next Fall.