This was a short one, only a little more than 3 miles to the top, and 1200 ft of gain. However, it's a beautiful road, and the timing was right for Ferrell to get in a good long ride afterwards, and for me to try to climb out of my chest cold malaise of the past week. The plan was for me to pick up Ferrell at the Scotts Valley Cyclery, drive us over the I-280/Sand Hill Rd in Palo Alto, do the time trial, then after a few pictures, he'd continue on along the ridge to Mtn Charlie, then down to Scotts Valley, and I'd do a loop according to how I felt, back to my car. I was still coughing and hacking, and I tested my O2 blood saturation before leaving; it was below par. Not going to be a strong ride for me, but still good to get back back in the saddle for the first time in over a week.


Meet up at Scotts Valley.Ferrell has to travel light. Lots of hill climbing to come. For food; a PBJ sandwich, powerbar, and some Gu's.

We arrive at Sand Hill Rd where the sign-in happens. Time to de-bark the bikes.

Low Key. This informal series of time trial hill climbs is very popular with the Silicon Valley clubs, fully decked out in their team jerseys.

Soon we'll be racing to the top of the ridge in the background.

Rick and I warmed up on the hills on this frontage road.

By the time I was healthy enough to think I could give this a go, it was filled. So, I rode it "unofficial". And to save a bit of time, took off early so I could get some shots of Ferrell finishing.

Right into the sun, Ricks... smile! At this point, I headed off another 3 miles up the road to the base of Old La Honda Road, where I futzed with my cleats, which had gone off kilter. They wouldn't budge


I'm about half-way up Old La Honda here, a grab shot with a free hand

The finish line, at the top at Skyline Rd. I came in at 32:58, which was OK with me, given my phlegm'y lungs.

Rick finishes with one of Los Gatos Cycling Club's best, in 21 minutes

Ferrell then took off south along Skyline, all the way to Hwy 17 and the top of Mtn Charlie Rd, which he took down to Scotts Valley and his car. I followed a few minutes later, but took a left at Page Mill Rd, down to Stanford University, and then back to Sand Hill Rd and up to my car. Good workout! 30 miles and 3500 ft of climbing for me, 47 miles and a lot more climbing than that, for Ferrell.

The Results. Rick took 62nd out of 97 men (39th of 81 age adjusted). I'd have taken 97th out of 98 men if I'd entered (yikes! There's nothing "low key" about the competition on these time trials)