The North Face Challenge Championship - Half Marathon

Dec 6, 2015


Distances measured on Google Earth using "path" command and following every curve of the course:

Start to Tennesee Valley

  Distance Distance (mi)
Start to Tennesse Valley Aid Station 20,488 ft 3.88 mi
Start to where trail off 2nd hill rejoins course 22,513 ft 4.26 mi
2nd Hill loop only 17,461 ft 3.31 mi
From where 2nd hill trail rejoins course to finish, along Half Marathon course 32,989 ft 6.25 mi
Half Marathon Course 72,963 ft 13.82 mi
Start to Tennessee Valley then 2nd hill, back to Tennesee Valley aid station, then return to start via the same path and going out. 62,487 ft 11.83 mi