I spent the prior night at the observatory, where I tend to sleep very well.

Delucchi elected to drive for this one. Checking the setup.

Pre-race; Ferrell takes care of some business. I'm sure he'd have requested I include this shot.

Packet pickup

Gearing up, still before dawn

"...I've got a bad feeling about this". My left hip I suspected wasn't going to be able to go the distance. I start way in the back.

A beautiful day for racing - sunrise arrives.

The course headed into the rolling terrain towards Uvas reservoir

Mile 4; just after my astronomy buddy Derek (lives nearby) came out to root me on... and my left hip said "enough!".

After the race - Happy faces. Well, 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Rick "dancing fork" Ferrell was hungary after the race. Still pretty quick too - snagged the last chocolate chip cookie just in time it seems.

...and I'll have one of these too.

...and one of those...

...and what else there is to eat?...

could you fill that sample cup up?... all the way? Right... yeah....

...this is getting hard to watch...

.... as Rick inhales a burrito

Race results.

It was a big race (over 2000), and pretty competitive

Rick scored a 10th place in his age group at 1:37:42, and Dave took 5th, at 1:31:42 - excellent! I only did 8 miles of the 13.1. Only my second bailout in a race - left hip needs more deep rehab.