Riding Mtn Charlie with Kent - Sept 9, 2010

This is my current favorite ride, and Kent was in town for some cabin maintenance and wanted to do a good ride. We started from DeLaveaga Park, rode up Branciforte, stopped briefly to enjoy blackberries near the Mystery Spot, then up Granite Creek to Scotts Valley. On Glenwood, at Scotts Valley High School, I got a flat and that slowed us down for a bit. Then, back on the road, up to Mtn Charlie Road, on to Summit Road, across Summit where we stopped for a moment to admire the solar panels and vineyards of Steve Wozniak. Then down Zyante Road to Felton, and down Hwy 9 to Santa Cruz, across Grant St. to Market St. and Branciforte. And after 37 miles, 3089 ft of climbing, and two handfuls of blackberries each, we were done!

Kent grabs a few fresh blackberries for use on the next bowl of ice cream tonight after the ride

From up on Mtn Charlie road

Me and the Woz

Halfway down Hwy 9, quiet now as the road is being worked on and closed to through traffic

The Long Arm of the Photographer