2005 New Year's Day Plunge - Santa Cruz Masters Swimmers

A break in the storms let a bit of sun shine through, encouraging a good turnout for this annual rite. The real swimmers dressed in their summer'y bathing suits, despite the 53F water temperature. The posers (guess that'd be me?) had the wet suit. At least it was just my skimpy triathlon suit and not my full-on surfing rig. Click on the photos below for the full-size version, and right-click to save to your computer.

Conserving every calorie

before the clothes come off.


The sun (for a moment...)!


Our inspirational patriarch

And, the wetsuit weenie


...inching towards the water now...


Gah! brave smiles afterwards

Alexia was tingling all

over out there

(but it was fun!)

Nora - definitely

the warmest of the bunch

And the best part...

guilt-free pancakes,

sausage, and all manner

of muffins at the Beach

Street Cafe