A winter tradition is to get out to Coastways ranch up the coast and harvest a bucket full of fresh organic kiwis. I was feeling a little sore from yesterday's run up to UCSC so instead I popped the bike into my car, drove up to Coastways, and then to Pigeon Point, where I started a shorter ride.

Tempting... but I decided to continue on to the back 40 and go...

...for the kiwis!

Ano Nuevo and cypress

...reminded me that Maverick's Surfing Competition was starting tomorrow a few miles up the coast.

Pescadero Marsh State Park - perhaps a good place to kayak some time. From Google Earth is looks interesting, if the water is deep enough.

Stage Road is a favorite of Bay Area cyclists, and I saw many on this sunny day

Late lunch - a kale and avo sandwich on sourdough - overlooking the Pescadero Valley


From the top of Bean Hollow Rd

Bean Hollow Reservoir is a good alternative for a local kayak afternoon, for seeing migrating birds in a quiet place

Thunderous big surf this weekend, frame this couple

Pelicans surfing the big wave big air

Sunset in the stratified air above a cold ocean...

...can produce broken sun inversions, and the "green flash". I pushed the shutter maybe half a second too soon here, but the middle fragment is turning emerald green