The Pikes Peak Ascent Half Marathon Adventure

Aug 10-22, 2014

This was my summer extravagence - a two week road trip from Santa Cruz to Manitou Springs, Colorado to do the Pikes Peak Ascent, and engage in as many other high-altitude adventures as possible along the way. Everything went perfectly! A fantastic trip, and good race, and a ton of images to sort through

Yosemite trees cast eery shadows in forest fire smoke

Tenaya Lake from Olmstead Point

Cathedral Peak, hit by a ray of still bright sunlight

A rainbow curves to enclose Lembert Dome above Toulemne Meadows, catching the brilliant, smoke-reddened last rays of sunlight

Before dawn, my little campsite next to Parker Creek just off the June Lake loop

Breakfast of oatmeal and fresh rose hips, and I made a kale and red onion sandwich for the long drive across Nevada


plenty more to come, as I find time...