Ferrell did "the numbers" and decided he didn't need to do a Half Marathon or even a 10-miler as he'd previously suggested for our final race together. This unpretenious little 10K would fit the bill. So - another weekend, another race! A challenging Fall for me; nearly every weekend was a race on foot or on bike. I had one more after this - the North Face Challenge Half Marathon the following Sunday. Would I survive? Would I athletically prosper? Would the wheels come totally off the bandwagon and send me into the ditch? We shall see...

That Polar Jet Stream was still on top of us... freezing as we met up at Pasotiempo Rd

Neither of had done this race - a new Adventure! Now, where the heck is it? I was co-pilot and navigator

Arrived OK, Ferrell picks up his bib number. As long as my left psoas was in such uncertain shape, I would just run unofficial.

Sunrise could not arrive soon enough. A bit of warmth.

We both did a needed warmup; Ferrell more than I, as he decided to jettison the windbreaker, requiring a bit of a long jog back to the car

Stretch that hamstring and glutes, in hopes of lessening the stress on my tender left psoas, which had been loudly complaining for the past 3 weeks.

Brazen Racing does a good job putting on their large menu of races. Here we assemble for the start.


A breeze kicks up and the 30's temperatures turn our grins into grimaces. Flashbacks of the frozen Mt Hamilton Hill Climb 2 days before

That's better

I started mid-pack, so as not to be in the way of the paying stronger racers. Ferrell looks back, from the front row, flashing the "V", and we're off

The course curves and corners around a couple of large lakes, which are scenic in this crips clear morning. But, I did NOT like the surface; which was coarse gravel all the way.

There's an out-and-back section, so I get a chance to raise the camera and snap a couple of Ferrell as starts the return.

Rick did well, finishing strong and winning his age group. However, all the times for this race were long, by about 3 minutes or so. Including mine. Oh well; was it the gravel? Was it course length? Hard to say.

Ferrell takes a free spin.... for some candy or other, which we said "no thanks" to.

Results; but no big awards ceremony. that's OK, it's nippy, time to bail.

No sterling race time for me; over an hour, and my left psoas was going to start complaining big time after I got home. For now, the endorphins let me enjoy the moment. Sunday, the next day, I took completely off. No swim, no bike, no run. Indoors on the computer all day long. Like Arnold Schwarzeneggar near the end of "Terminator 2", I felt like saying "I need a vacation".