Our traditional start to the new year - a 10K race through beautiful Carmel. Amazing we'd been doing this race almost every year for 24 years (well, except for me and my 12 year bout with crutches). We were not quite in top form... I'd chosen to do a long 13.5 mile run on Sunday, up to Sand Point. Although I felt fine afterwards, my left hip musculature was used up. I figured it'd be a slow jog for me. Ferrell was also still on the recovery path from his foot injury, and had a modest goal of beating 1hr. Delucchi was good, although also didn't plan on an all-out race.

My alarm, alas, failed me. Or perhaps it did go off, but I just was too tired to wake up at the required 5:55am. Rechecking after I got home, the alarm was indeed set correctly, so I suspect I simply slept through it. Instead, at 7:04am I woke, noticed the dawn light... damn! I was supposed to be at Delucchi's in 5 minutes! I put in a quick call to say I'd be late, grabbed my power drink out of the fridge, threw on my running shoes and gear, and arrived to find Ferrell just arriving there as well. Kim was going to pass, as it turned out. So to save time Rick had figured we'd rendezvous with Dave. Weather was pretty warm for Jan 1; 34F before sunrise, but quickly rising into the high 40's by the time we got to Carmel, and into the 50's during the race.

I felt good for about 2.2 miles, then my left psoas, and IT band irritation kicked in, and it was 12~13 minute/mile pace after that. I came in at 1:11:05, which was actually 30 seconds faster than last year's, when I nominally should have been more rested and ready. My hip issues are definitely improving as I continue to work at it. Rick felt better than he'd expected, and finished just a few minutes slower than last year's healthy race - 51 minutes. Dave had a great race; 42 minutes, good enough for 3rd! The first two in his age group were also the first two overall. Darn tough, those 50 year olds.

Afterwards, we had the race breakfast, congratulated Lisa Miller for winning her age group, visted with Salvatore, and the Diane arrived, picked up Dave and continued on south along the Big Sur coast for a night in San Luis Obispo. Later I met with Becky and Ezra at Manressa for a day at the beach - a nice New Year's Day for sure.