Once more into the breach, dear friends... apologies to Shakespeare, but this is the umpteenth Rio Resolution 10K race we've done. Most of the gang from the old days have retired, but me, Ferrell, and Dave Delucchi are still at it. As usual for Jan 1, skies were clear and rain was not a problem, even in this most intense of all El Nino years. I was not fresh.... I had a very heavy running schedule in December; 151 miles for the month, which is a lot for me. I figured I'd probably aggravate my left psoas issue, and indeed that was correct. Still, it is a beautiful course and I was happy to spend the first day with good friends doing a good run.

The day started with a wrap up to the New Year's / Anniversary party of Dave and Di, then I drove to Cabrillo Observatory for an attempt to get the occultation of a star by the asteroid Rosalia . Got to sleep at 3am, at the Observatory, where I was comfortable in my down jacket and down sleeping bag, despite the sub-freezing temperatures. Ferrell gave me a wake-up call at 6:30am, and I dozed off again, arising finally at 6:50am, got into my running gear, scraped the ice off my RAV4's windshield, locked and alarmed the Dome building, and drove off to pick up Dave, then on to Ferrell's. So, if I look, act, and run tired.... it's because I WAS tired.

At the Ferrell country estate

On the road...

It was going to be another nippy race

Salvador entertained us while we got ready for a warm up, in Carmel.

I study the course map - looks the same as past years.

I'm not ready to part with my hoody and long pants yet.

Before the start. Rick and Dave are ready to run like rabbits. Me, more like a banana slug.

The course took us along the beach, with its cypress and granite-white sand and brilliant green surf - quite beautiful

Dave, Rick, and Salvador; Ferrell's holding his engraved glass award for taking 1st in the 50-60 age group. Congratulations! Dave ran right with him, and even finished ahead - but like me, we didn't register. NO reg/no trophy - that's the way it works.

Afterwards, I treated Rick and Dave to breakfast - planned for Toasties in Pacific Grove, but they were closed. We tried a few more, including First Awakenings on Cannery Row - all had monster wait times. Finally, we ended up at Coco's in Monterey. Congratulations, Rick, on another trophy! Next planned running race is in mid March, a half marathon. I will try to do the Solvang Century in early March. However, before both of those, is the big Tullamore Dew Running Club's annual Death Valley trail running weekend, coming up at the end of this month. And of course, I'll bring my camera on any photo-worthy training outings in this beautiful county we live in.