The 2009 Rio Resolution Run

Jan 1, 2009

This was my first run on pavement since my hip surgery. I'm loving my trail and beach runs... but pavement is, well, hard. So I kept my expectations low. Diane D implored me to just do the 3 mile instead of the 10K - "If you've only done trail runs, pavement will beat your feet up bad". I decided to plan for the 10K and left the 3 mile as an option as both races start together and run the first 2 miles together. At the decision point, I was still feeling OK enough to keep going, but yeah - the pavement was brutal. I suppose my ancient Saucony running shoes which had pretty well pooped out years ago for this sort of duty - may have had something to do with it as well. Dave reminded me there was one more bail-out point - I could cut off the last ~1 mile loop - and that's what I did. ~5 miles in 55 minutes. Dave Delucchi, on the other hand, handled this tough course in sub-40 temperatures with a sub-40 time. Congratulations, Dave! Rick Ferrell did a great run too - 42 minutes.

Dave puts on his game face

I'm slightly less confident, but game to give it a go.