I like to do this as a tune-up for the following day's Sandman Triathlon. Today, I decided to run to the start, and slim down a bit by not wearing the rashguard shirt or neoprene cap; just the green competition cap. Had a couple of eggs on toast 2 hrs before the race, had a Gu 15 minutes before, and a good chug on a "5 hr Energy" then too. Another change, I started on the extreme right, taking the inside path to the dogleg on the pier, instead of the outside. I haven't had any quality workouts in the pool for weeks, and I'm afraid it has showed, at Donner, and again today. But I was only 20 seconds off my '12 pace, and in 2012 I was in top swim condition, so I am pleased. My 'round the wharf swims lately with the SCTA and WWW Swim Club have been 27 minutes, so 25:34 (water entrance to exit, my usual convention), is good.

Instructions - watch out for acres of dead anchovies!

This is how you avoid wetsuit rash, kids - lots of "friction Zone". It's also how not to take a picture (center the face, fill the entire top half with empty sky, and cut 'em off at the knees). I cropped to try and help.

Happy smiles, before the race

The swim start is at the Cocoanut Grove. I took the inside this time, opting to do the dogleg along the wharf in order to avoid the crowds. I swam hard, and was within seconds of my past years times. This selfie was a while after I'd gotten in.



Coach Wilson of Santa Cruz Masters, had another fast swim, coming in at 21 minutes. Marta had a great race too.

Crowds gather around the posted results