This would be a special race - our last of the season, and the last triathlon race ever for Ferrell (or so he says). I was just barely recovered from the Ironman 70 - Santa Cruz which was 2 weeks earlier, but anxious to have a strong showing. This race is also special because so many friends and locals are there participating or perhaps volunteering to help put it on.

Slothower! Going for a full Olympic distance race this time.

Good to have Team Awesome back for one last time

Rick arrived just in time, as usual, and still had his bike transition to set up

Another "grab" shot, if you will.... Phil was going to provide Rick with good competition one last time. Dave D was on the left

The ritual begins

Ferrell lays out everything just so...

Then down to the Boardwalk for the wave starts. Someone managed to get me just as I was licking the inside of my goggles

Running start into the surf and around the wharf

Rick and I nearly always come out very close, me beating him as often as he beats me, by seconds. This time he was a full 20 seconds ahead.

I got a good run up the beach out of the water. Is that Dan right behind me?

But I neglected to bring footware for the long hard pavement run to Depot Park. That was a mistake, and let Ferrell was about to leave transition as I got in.

Phil gets in and a head start out of his wetsuit

On the bike, a few miles up Hwy 1

Heading up to Davenport

Bike's eye view of the famous Catholic church in Davenport, marking the turn-around

Just about to head down the hill to the transition, and Diane D gives me a big cheer

The official photographers got some good shots

Phil Furniss near the Lighthouse, he's coming in, I'm still going out

Ferrell's looking strong and fast coming in


On the run back in, at the cove, I was amazed to see a humpback whale repeatedly breaching, as the anchovies (or sardines) were there in abundance now. I just took a grab shot as I ran, Humpty is that "little" black mouth in the middle of the picture

Carmen's ready to give my finisher's medal.

And a cheer from Nancy

and Joyce!

Back down at Depot Park and the transition zone, Rick had just left it seems, but I got a last shot with Dan.

And Dave Delucchi, who had a great race as well

And one of my Astro 7 "Climate" students was volunteering too - how sweet!


my 3:18 was better than my 3:23:11 from 3 years earlier - progress! Here's the official race results