The Santa Cruz Half Marathon

Apr 13, 2014

The start was down on Beach Street next to the Boardwalk

Great to see Robert Mullis out here; SCTC standout

A lot'a runners here...

...I never did see Rick Ferrell before the gun went off

As usual, I brought my little Lumix pocket camera on the run. Here, heading up to West Cliff

At the end of West Cliff, I run with Katherine Beiers - Boston Marathon legend and former mayor here - for a little while.

At Wilder Ranch, just before heading out to the cliffs. About here, I figured I see Ferrell, on his return.

And it was so. There he is in the blue Wildflower shirt. That was my first and last contact with Rick today.

Spring on the northern California coast... pretty gorgeous

At the finish, on the sand below the Dream Inn - bagel and cream cheese hits the spot. 2:37:20 was my finishing time. I was still recovering from a hard qualifying race at the Hellyer Half and today I dialed down a couple of notches. A good thing! I recovered from this race very fast.