The Santa Cruz Sprint Triathlon - Aug 13, 2011

It was a dense and foggy morning.... perfect for a race. The plan was to get some photos for Kathy and friends, and to accompany her on the run. A nice short race, so i could maybe do a good ride or other adventure with the rest of the day.

A nice surprise, Dave Slothower!

Debbie Melnikoff, local tri legend

Karen Chequer-Pfeiffer - another legend in the sport - and Jeff Pfeiffer, came down from Santa Rosa and stayed with Kathy for the race.

Trudy came down to voluteer. Her new shop - specializing in paddle sports - is doing really well. Check it out.

Pajama-style wetsuit. Surprising new fashion?

Dave, pondering....


Slothower's swim start. Can you find him?

One tough triathlete.

Sloth's fairly tough too.

Get the watch on that one, Dave

I almost had time to run from Sloth's swim finish to Kathy's swim start

One of the young ladies fast out of the water

Debbie had a great swim

Kathy starts the strip down...

Slothower comes in from the 13 mile bike.

...and on to the run

Check out those rippling quads!

I did the 5K run with Kathy to take some good shots, and also to get in my own little workout. My Lumix camera however was balky today, as it has been lately. The lens mechanism may have some sand in it. Anyway, I missed some and yet still got a few good ones to share here.

Big smile from Kathy as we grunt up the Dream Hill hill

Arm's length shot - I'm getting good at these.

Kathy and Debbie cross paths near the turn-around, past the lighthouse

A blind backshot as I sprinted down the Dream Inn hill. Not bad!

Julie Moss quipped that Kathy had her own personal videographer accompany her on the run

The medals were painted beer bottle openers, which was... fun, I imagine

Dave took 3rd and Kathy (as usual) took 1st place in their age group.

Karen Chequer-Pfeiffer and Jeff Pfeiffer also won. Congratulations all around

Kathy and Richard congratulate each other

Checking the posted results

My time on the 5K run: 28:40 on my watch.

A fun race - and over quickly, which was nice for the cheering section, like me. Plenty of time for a later bike ride up into the mountains on a berry quest. I harvested about 2 lbs of blackberries from my secret spots, popped into the freezer to be parcelled out a small handful at a time, into my morning power smoothies.

Congratulations for all my friends, who put in great times and solid efforts.