The Santa Cruz Triathlon - Sept 23, 2012

The old "Sentinel" race, and I was questionable about being able to enter. My mashed ribs were healing slow and I was not in good swim form. Still, I got to the pool a few days before and found I was now able to swim hard and only feel pain, not like I was tearing tissues as in earlier sessions. My left hip was still acting up, but a little "panic training" and I figured I could perhaps have an enjoyable experience. With fellow professor Steve visiting from Utah, we did 10 miles of hiking on Thursday. I also did 4.5 miles of running on Friday, and 2 more on Saturday. In hindsight, that may have been too much.


7:15am - breakfast of 2 eggs and a cup of my protein smoothy. In the bento bag, a "5hr Energy", Cliff bar, and 30g protein bar.

Local schools got proceeds, but only if they had a good contingent of volunteers. No problem there - excellent job as usual. Number marking with a smile!




There's a smile.

Pinching a spare tire? No, futzing with his new goggles.

Still futzing. Dave's joined in now too.

Final prep for my transition gear

This pane saved for Diane's pix of us at the swim start  

The race got off 90 minutes late, as fog extended right to ground level and the pier was totally invisible. Dave D, Rick, Dan and I were all to go off at 8:30am, delayed till almost 10am. I took an outside line as usual, and felt some pain for the first few hundred yards, when it settled down and I was able to stroke OK, although not with the power I'm used to. It showed! I got in off the swim and both Delucchi and Ferrell had already biked away. So much for my "strong" event! My bike leg felt OK (nice to see Jamie Ferrell again at the turnaround in Davenport); I've been doing a lot of mileage this year - almost as much as in all of '11 and it's only September. But the run.... man, that hurt. I could tell in the first 500 yards that it would be a long painful run, as my left hip (the metal one!) flamed out once again. Tensor fascia lata is my own diagnosis. I hardly got my breathing up as I gritted through the 10K. Not a pretty race, but I'm sure I'll look back fondly on it all - once the swelling goes down that is.

Rick less than a mile from the finish - me, less than a mile from the start. Yow. Dave was just finishing about this moment.

An hour later... a welcome sight.

Joyce and Diane - some babe-age to comfort me in my moment of need.

The Power Rangers ride again

Dave took 5th in the 50-59 age group in a pretty big and competitive race. He's having a great year, no question. Scored a 6-pack of beer too.

Dave's pretty happy - that 6-pack will go a long ways towards easing his recovery this afternoon. Me - I've got an inflammed hip to accompany my afternoon.