I arrive after my beauty rest, as the swimmers begin to come in...

Ferrell gets out of the water

Ferrell calculates he'll save time over all if he puts on some footwear for the long run to the bike transition

A good ocean swim pumps up the spirits and the adrenaline

I hop on my bike just to do the one venue, out to Davenport and back

Ferrell passes me on the bike

and away he goes...

I'm sailing along up Hwy 1, feeling great.... and all of a sudden, Mother Nature sinks a big fat nail right into my kevlar tire! WTH?!

The nail went through to my aluminum rim and bent back on itself 180 degrees - and was in no way going to be pulled out. I could've used a pair of pliers to straighten the nail - not available. 20 minutes later, I finally re-mount, my race in ruins!

These energetic young volunteers got me back in the proper mood.

I didn't plan to do the run anyway, so now I was on photo duty. Ferrell miraculously recovered from his rail disaster in the Big Kahuna race 3 weeks ago.

Rick brings it in.

Strong finish, Rick!

Post-race story swapping among Team Spokesman

Hey, who's that poser in amongst...

...the winners: Rich Robinson, and Rick Ferrell. Excellent effort, guys!

Phil Furniss completed the picture - the podium people!

I couldn't stay for the awards ceremony. I had to hurry home to prepare for my big day in front of the cameras - a panel discussion in front of the public on the perils of Climate Change with visiting luminary Professor Guy McPherson, and then in front of the cameras for TV for a moderated discussion. They'll both be on Youtube at some point.

Well, given my bike breakdown, it's a good thing I didn't plunk down money to enter the race, something I'd planned to do until I found the filming schedule. Congratulations to Rick Ferrell for another piece of hardware in his last big tri year.