First, just for the record, I swam unofficially in the 1 mile Roughwater Swim the day before, on Saturday. My time, water entry-to-exit was 26:34, and my chip time (if I had a chip!) was 26:57. Swam with a wetsuit. Alas, no Lumix camera any more, so no pictures for that one. I felt OK, swam hard, and took a fairly good line. The results are here. I was 145th out of 341 combined wetsuit and non-wetsuit divisions, as shown. In wetsuit division only, I was 27th out of 75, which is not bad for a 62 year old. Last year, I did a 25:34, so I was a minute slower. I didn't FEEL a minute slower, but then, last summer I was in the best training and best shape of my post-surgery tri career.

Onward to the Sandman Triathlon on Sunday. End of an era! Ferrell was doing his 30th and (he says) final Sandman. It was at this race 30 years ago that we ran into each other, I having just arrived in Santa Cruz and met JIm Mollerus at UCSC a week or so earlier (who also did this race), and he introduced me to "Team Awesome", at that time Rick, Kim Kauffman, Rick Lowell, Dave Slothower, Ian Ross, Steve Rigor, and Dave Delucchi about then as well... Nostalgic, since most have left triathlon and only Ferrell, Sloth, Delucchi and I I are still out there having fun. Great to get together with the gang this morning.

Diane took some good shots before the swim start, and on the bike course, which went right by the Delucchi mountaintop estate....

Andy, me, Dave, and Rick getting ready

Henrietta and Kathy, alone in their age group (they've outlasted and intimidated all others!)

A pair of Ricks

At the swim start

Sharks? We don't worry about any sharks on this team!

The swim course, around the cement boat and then a turn in towards and then parallel to shore, 0.68 miles approximately

I had to do a minor goggle adjustment before warming up for a few minutes in the water

A wide-screen view of the swimmers

The 39 and under wave starts

In all races I can remember, I never see Ferrell until we're actually getting out of the water, but this race we started on the same side, the inside line to the first bouy, and Rick out-ran me to the water by about 2 seconds, and stayed 2 seconds ahead of me the whole darn swim. I know, because we were that close. I'd hoped to out-sprint him, but he sprinted too. His swim transition was really fast, and he was then 20 seconds ahead of me. I was about to wheel my bike out and saw Dave D doing the same. Solid swim from Dave. I let him get mount just ahead of me since he'd be there within seconds anyway. So, we were wheel-to-wheel at the start of the bike.

Ferrell reaches the apple orchard opposite Rancho Delucchi first

Soon followed by Dave

Then me

Ferrell's sprint to the finish

Thanks Di, for the pix! You're on fire!

On the bike, at La Selva Beach I hit a speed bump and heard something bounce onto the road from my bike. I turned and thought I saw Rick's Canon camera. Nooo!!! I had to stop and turn around to get it, and as I approached, it indeed looked silver and the same size as the camera. Yow, I'm riding backwards toward a car coming towards it, and the car swerved to run right over the camera! ThumpThump - NOOOOOO!!!!!! But then, I got up to it and, it turns out it was my package of energy nuggets, and checked and the camera was still where it was supposed to be. God! But, I'd lost a minute in this little adventure. Not enough to make a difference, it turns out.

A grab shot'r two during my run

Done. 1:54:34, about a minute faster than last year for me. And 4th place in my age group.

My goal starting the run was to chase down this guy, and take 3rd... but he was clearly a stronger runner. Did the race with his son. Great to see!

Kathy is doing a big Xterra triathlon in Hawaii next week, and this was just a tune up, congratulations on winning your age group!

Rick and Phil Furniss, who took first in my age group, 1:30:21

Great race, Rick - 1st place in your age group, 7th overall. 1:27:11

Dave D - 1st place in his division, 11th overall, 1:28:49. Congratulations!

Dave, Rick, me, and Phil

Unique to this race, are beautiful sand sculptures hand made by a fine local artist. This year especially, the sharks on the front were a nice touch. Better on the trophies than in the water with us.

Our little group managed to take most of the trophies - nice!

Phil beat me by 24 minutes, aging quite well it seems.

Well done, Kathy, Dave, Phil

Diane and Dave

The fun's over - time to pack my tri pack and bike back to Cabrillo where I parked.