The Solvang Century - Mar 10, 2012

Once again, we enjoyed Lisa's hospitality in Solvang and prepared for another cycling challenge among the green hills and vineyards surrounding Solvang. Dave was back in good shape and he and brother Dan would go tandem while I'd mount my trusty Serrotta. Craig, a new addition to our group, was amazing. He just started cycling a year ago, and is already doing a century ride every month.

I drove down, listening to books-on-tape "The Education of a Philosopher". Got in at 6pm and explored the expo, bought a couple of jersey's, and met up with Dave and Dan at "The Hitching Post" to treat Lisa to dinner and absorb a little class before heading back for some socializing and sleep.

In the morning, we outfitted our bikes, met up with Craig, and biked the mile to the start. We hit the road at 8:10am. The flotilla of cyclists was colorful and impressive as we headed down the hill towards Buellton in the crisp 40F morning air. Dave and Dan got some good tandem momentum on the long downhill from Solvang to Buellton, and Craig wasn't far behind. Next I met them was at the first aid station in Lompoc.

At wake up, I had two of those bananas, a delicious muffin made by Lisa, some calcium tabs and a Ginko cap. Those two bottles of Accelerade were for the ride.

Me 'n Dan at the start

Meet up at Lompoc. Coupl'a oatmeal cookies and a few orange slices, and I was good to go.

Dan and Dave, happy as clams, on the road

After all, what's not to like?

Beautiful scenery... all directions!

Second aid station, at mile 45 near the Santa Ynez Rive. Colorful fruits are all good. So was the food.

Foxen Canyon....

...the nicest section of the ride - rolling fields of vineyards and pastures

Dave's and my cyclometer's agreed at the end - 101 miles

More photos and commentary at Dave Wyman's Facebook page.