This Bastille Day Sunday morning Ferrell, Delucchi and I had scheduled a swim around the Santa Cruz wharf at 8:00am. I slept soundly the night before, tuckered out from my usual 60 mile training ride through the local mountains. I tossed a banana in the blender, added a handful of frozen blackberries picked from vines below my deck earlier the week, added a nectarine, a scoop of MetRX protein powder, a few shakes of raw cocoa powder, pushed the button, hammered it down, got on my swim suit and some warmies over that, drove down, parked, and walked to the beach spot... and thought: "what the heck? This looks like a race transition area this morning". Sure enough, the Splash and Dash swim/run race was this morning. No Ferrell, no Delucchi. I walked down to the sand and looked around. There was Jeremy Gilbert, who also hadn't known about this race until the last minute. He decided to just jump in. Me too. The first wave was the double loop 1500m swim and I missed that, but the second wave, single loop, was 10 minutes away. I got on my wetsuit and off I went on the second wave. The course was out around the swim bouys, onto the sand, around a flag, and back into the water for another loop. The true distance was probably a bit longer than 1.5k I'm guessing, or at least that's what my time suggests. I started my watch at the gun, ran along the sand and into the water. I got out of the water after the first loop at 13:22, and the second loop split (including sand running) was 14:05, and up to the timing mat in the parking lot for a total of 28:39.

My daddy's going out there and swim with the sharks?

My pre-race mug shot

After my swim - pumped by bracing ocean water!

Cheery race volunteers helped overcome the dreary foggy weather

Jeremy Gilbert. The run finish was kinda funky; around the bathrooms, down the slippery plastic walkway, to the same timing station where the sand start was.

Chip timing, gave results on a table of iPads. Nice and compact.

Santa Cruz Masters had a good contingent. Here I'm with long time friend and ultra-swimmer coverGirl Marta B.