Ferrell put this one on the calendar and it sounded good - I'd get a chance to run through and around my old haunts and re-live my grad student days here.

A cool wet early morning

Another fine shirt to add to the pile...

Getting down to business

my left psoas was going to act up, I just knew it

A re-visit from breakfast, or just pondering race strategy?

The road to the Student Observatory, out in the fields towards I280. I used to run that observatory back in the day!

a mile to go, and yeah - my left psoas was shot!

Can you tell who had the better race?

Rick took 1st in his age group! Heck-of-a-job, Rick! As you see, he's thrilled with his reward - a bag of museli

Driving home, we stop for some "real" food - Taco Bell!