This is a benefit ride, raising money for diabetes research. Diane did a great job - ensuring that Team Lockheed won the team overall fundraising championship while recruiting our inner circle in the effort. Me, I just tagged along. Team Lockheed, with the great blue jerseys.... would we also dominate on the tough hills of this ride? Well, we did OK.

Diane and Joyce. Bracing for 120 kilometers of fun

Jonathan and Maria, bracing for 70 kilometers of fun

The Delucchi's, and the Man in Red

We migrate towards the mass start

Biking by this historic Woodside mercantile

Just before starting the steep Kings Mountain climb, Diane offers me some rubbery thingies; if you bite down hard enough, then a sweet goo comes out

Team KLA-Tencor had sunny jerseys

Amazing sunbeams at the summit greet Nancy, Diane, Joyce, and me

I'm positively angelic

Fast ride down to La Honda

The south bay Horseless Carriage Club, with wheels dating back to the turn of the century (the LAST century) streamed by us for most of the ride from La Honda to Pescadero.

we inhale sweets from the Pesdacdero rest stop

Broken chain. Bummer, dude!

Stage Road, on the way to San Gregorio

The original San Gregorio stage stop dates back a long time

Diane scored some salty chips - exactly the right choice

The last aid station before the fearsome Tunitas grade. This old farm converts to "the Bike Hut" to serve the many Bay Area cyclists who ride these roads on weekends.

Tunitas Creek Road has miles of consistent 7-8% grade, and my legs were smoked by the time we hit the top. Then, a fast descent on Kings Mtn Rd, through the foothills, and winding through Palo Alto to a...

Bike's eye view of the finish line

77 miles and 7,000 ft of climbing gave me a BAAD case of HelmetHead

time to reload

"V" for victory, from Diane "The Fly" Delucchi!

It took some doing, but with enough Coronas and carb-filled plates, Joyce and Diane are finally reloaded