This is my new favorite among the century rides I've done. The countryside of late Spring in the Santa Cruz Mountains is just gorgeous. Redwoods, streams, country roads, aid stations staffed with friendly people, historic old towns along the way... Unfortunately, my Lumix camera started out the day in happy shape, but had lens "erectile dysfunction" yet again. Enough of this; today I sent it back to Panasonic. Anyway, I did get a few shots as we prepared for the start at 6am in Palo Alto. After that, it'll be whatever shots I can recover from Diane.

In the title shot, that's Dave, Jonathan, me, Paul, Joyce, Carmen, Diane, and Maria. For the 120 km ride, it would be Dave, me, Paul, Joyce, and Diane. For the 75k was Jonathan and Maria, and Carmen. Team Lockheed once again blew the competition right out of orbit in the race to raise money for diabetes research, led by Dave, Diane, and compadres. $120,000 or so, as I recall. Very cool race shirts, too.

Dave, Maria and JC after our 6:15am arrival.

A study in poses, I supposes. Joyce (or part of her anyway), Maria looking quizzical, and Paul looking resolute.

Maria, still pondering....

At this point, my Lumix failed again - for the last time! So, end of photos. Too bad. This is one of the most beautiful century rides going. See last year's pix.

Diane's fun montage of photos of Team Lockheed during the ride. Bottom left is the mid-ride scene at the San Gregorio store/bar.