The Turkey Trot 10K - Nov 23, 2010

I was still recovering from the Silicon Valley Half and didn't know whether I should run this, but I haven't run a 10K race since my surgery and wanted to know what my flat-course 10K road race time would be, post-surgery. So in the end, I did give it a go, unofficial. First I helped out at the registration table, expertly grabbing small and large SCTC Turkey Trot socks for registrants. The kids and 5k races went off, and then the 10K. I got a very late start, about 4 minutes behind the gun, but heck, I just wanted to time myself on the course.

Nancy, in uniform, at the reg table. Is that Coach Brock in the background?

Momma and Pappa Lerma helped out too

At mile one, I caught up with Katherine Beiers, our favorite running politician!

Kathy Frank accompanined me on mtn bike for the first 2 miles.

Another arm's length shot

Those were about the last smiles, there at mile 2 1/2. Soon thereafter my left hip psoas issue returned. I thought it would just slow me down, like at Silicon Valley, but by mile 3 I was really slowing down, and by mile 4 I was walking, limping, really. By the end, I didn't even walk the extra hundred yards to the finish line, but turned right at the parking lot, got some eats, took a last picture, and went to my car. I was REALLY hurting. My time:1:16; pretty unimpressive after a decent start. Later I was looked at by my DC Tom Smith and we decided I'd rehabbed my psoas well, but my hip flexors now were the issue, being very tight. So, more work to be done there. The good thing is that unlike last year, my left hip pain seem to clear up in just a few days, rather than weeks. And X-rays continue to show my resurfaced hip is perfect. I'm getting stronger, and just have to stay smart about the stretches and exercises.

A parting shot w/ friends