My first full triathlon of the season, and it almost didn't look like I'd be well enough to do it. Too many long hard rides and runs and not enough tapering, and my juices were totally tapped out. To the point I thought I had caught a virus. I made arrangements with the race director to give me a raincheck for next year's race and I layed low on Thur and Friday. But Saturday, I didn't have the expected plummet into full-blown disease misery. Instead, I felt a bit better. I did a 2 mile run, which I've been doing a lot of, lately. It was OK. Late on Saturday, I did an 11 mile bike into the local mountains. That felt fine too - so, I was back in the game! I decided to sleep at Cabrillo Observatory, where I tend to sleep well, and it would save me an extra 7 miles and 15 minutes of sleep in getting to Ferrell's by 5:45am.

After a fitful night of sleeping at the observatory, I'm up at 5am, and at Ricks by 5:45am

Arriving at Uvas, weather looks soupy

Fog. Not good....

Er... we ran out of shirts. Get on the list if you still want one.

Mark up

My transitions needed help. This race, I decided to dress complete for the bike and run underneath the wetsuit. No more struggling with shirts after the swim.

Dan and his Cervelo, sucking down some Gu before the swim.


We're ready to race

Swim start. Murky. Murkier than it looks, once you get down on the water, which was warm and giving off lots of surface fog. They delayed the start by 15 minutes, hoping the fog would clear,


...then gave up and just went with it.

The swim was an adventure. A water start, which was good. Water temp was 69F and the air was colder, which made for fog rising off the water surface. Frankly, you couldn't see much of anything. We were told to swim towards the dam and look for the second of two orange bouys. I started on the extreme right, almost on the opposite shore. Ferrell took the extreme left. We didn't see each other after leaving the transition area. After the gun went off, I swam and hugged the right shore, scraping my knuckles on rocks at a couple of points. I could see no dam in the fog ahead, and people seemed to be swimming in a widening random fan. Someone on my left kept bumping me and preventing me from getting left where I hoped to see a bouy or two. We kept pace and eventually I had to just swim over them to get left. I swam towards the left but didn't see any bouy. Eventually, I thought I could see the dam ahead in the mist and about that time I almost ran into oncoming swimmers! Whoa - there it was, off to the right of me in the distance, so I had to make a sharp right to get to it. Turns out Ferrell had a similar experience. I was told that there was a second bouy we had to go around, so I didn't make a sharp turn but swung outward, looking for the other bouy.... but it was pretty soon I realized I saw NO other swimmers anywhere within the foggy range of view. I swam to the left and eventually saw the "island", as they called it (peninsula, really), and got close enough to swim parallel to it, as I remembered that there would be a final bouy and then a sharp left turn to get to the exit. Mission accomplished! I had NO idea whether I was way behind, or way ahead, or what. I hardly saw any swimmers after the first 300 yards or so. So it was a surprise to climb out of the water and see another climbing out right next to me - Ferrell! He got a step on me getting up the ramp. I shouted out to get his attention - "Curse you, Ferrell!" He baited me about the timing mat being the decider, and I out sprinted him! By a fraction of a second. Payback from the last 3 races where he beat me out of the water to the mat by a second or two.

As we got out of the water, the fog burned off. I snapped a quick pic of Ferrell, who was cramping up at this moment, getting his bike shoes on.

Then turned the camera on myself, got on my shoes, and got out on the bike about 20 seconds behind Rick

Didn't bring the camera on the bike. My quads were burning for a while, before settling in. Good course, and on Chesboro road passed a spot I have fond memories of from 10 years

I had a fast transition to the run... and immediately knew it was going to be an excruciating 10 kilometers. My left hip was hurting baad - psoas tendinitis started IMMEDIATELY out of the gate. At least it helped confirm the diagnosis. Biking 40K will tighten up the psoas and I got absolutely zero distance accomplished before it rubbed against my metal hip and slowed me WAY down. This, after having run 20 mi/week for the past 3 weeks w/o much trouble (but no BRICK's).

I grab a shot of Ferrell on his second loop, coming in, while I was going out on the first loop. Dan was a few minutes ahead, having a fast race.

I limped in, left psoas tendon inflammed, my slowest 10K ever..... and immediately went for the ice, stuffing handfuls down my bike shorts over my left hip/psoas point.

Piles of pizza from Pizza My Heart, awaited the finishers.

Congratulations, Rick - 3rd Place!

"Now... we sort of ran out of the classy 32 oz craft beers we promised the winners..."

"...but, we found these goggles, so - great job, and enjoy with our compliments!"

Dan scored a strong second place

Dan's thrilled with his goggles, as you can see. It was pretty hot on that run and a cold 32 oz beer would've really hit the spot, but... oh well.

We end where we began... me somewhat the worse for wear. I'll get 'em next time.

Here's the race results . My run was pretty ugly...

Bib   Swim Transition Bike Transition Run Total Age Grp Place
489 Rick Ferrell 00:29:12 00:02:38 01:13:18 00:01:11 00:44:56 02:31:15 3rd (55-59)
617 Rick Nolthenius 00:29:11 00:03:04 01:43:25 00:00:58 01:19:41 03:36:19 8th (60-65)

I was happy about my transitions. Much faster than past races.