Wharf to Wharf Race - Santa Cruz

July 23, 2006

I didn't ACTUALLY do the race, or even go down to see it. It's grown too humongous to do either, for me (and of course my bad hip). However, I always try to come by the Delucchi's post-race party. With the increasing prize money, this year the Morocco racers came and made some tough competition for the usually dominant Kenyans. Once again, the women's side featured the Russians. Seems to me when I was a kid in the 60's, the idea of "Russian women" brought up images of rather stooped, rather stolid and rectangular farmers carrying big sacks of potatoes. Boy, those days are sure gone.

Me and my former student Javier, re-bond

Dave the Bear, declares Victory

Dave D and Javier

Jonathan and Maria, with Ed doing his Popeye imitation in the foreground

Now full of ice cream, a happy moment


Diane and some girl talk...

...while Dave, Terri, Shaun and the gang watch American Floyd Landis win the Tour de France

Javier sandwiches himself comfortably between the Russian girls

Tatiana (right) took 2nd Place, and Natalia (left) took 4th - a big PayDay Hooray!

Diane and Natalia

The Creme de'la Kenya runners

A contemplative moment