In one week, Dave Delucchi would be swimming the Donner Lake Half Ironman Triathlon. Rick Ferrell and I would be at Donner as well,doing the Olympic distance triathlon. Perfect time to get some cold, open water swim training done. We decided to meet with the informal Sunday morning group which swims 'round the Santa Cruz wharf at 8:30am - a 1 mile distance.

Ferrell, Delucchi, and me - a bit cool this summer foggy morning

A visage from the past! In my old pre-surgery days ~during the 00's, swimming was all I could do (followed by one-legged mtn biking up to Sand Pt in Nicene Marks), and I did a Sunday morning 1-mile ocean swim at Rio Del Mar almost every week right through the winter, with Bruckner Chase and an assortment of rugged salty characters who shun wetsuits .

Let's get this show on the road

We confess - we triathlon types are are not real swimmers, just wetsuit weenies. So be it. But at least our heads still get cold. The recent heavy surf has mixed the colder waters from below to the surface; 56F today. A bit of "ice cream head" after we emerge

One shot too many? Mebbe so. Time to put the camera away, Nolt.