A great way to start a Sunday morning in the summer; a 1 mile swim around the Santa Cruz wharf. The West End Wine and Wharf Club does regular ocean swims, including this Sunday morning, and company is always good for wharf swims - so we joined 'em.


Let's do this thing!

Cold water swimming makes for lots of invigorated smiles in this group! That's me over the shoulder


Rick will be easy to spot out there - he's the guy with the red cap on backwards. I'm still struggling with my green Bass Lake triathlon cap

Mona carried along a waterproof camera - the WWW club is even more diligent than I am at documenting every enjoyable day here

The 61F water felt perfect out there! And no seals (or sharks) to dodge this time, just a forest of fishing lines I had to navigate through at the end of the wharf. Afterwards, the plan was for Rick to do a 10 mile run to Wilder Ranch State Park and I'd accompany on my bike (I'm still taking it easy on running, after the Double DipSea a week ago).

Sun, palms, and a warm day was getting going, now at 9am as we did our transition.

Steamer Lane was cranking with a long decent swell this morning