This was the first year for this race, and what was at first intended to be a Davenport-to-Wilder race, turned into a loop race out along the cliffs of Wilder - very beautiful, and much more so than the original proposed course. The goal of the fund-raising was to help the Rails-to-Trails effort making the rail line from Davenport to Watsonville into a bike/pedestrial trail - one of my personally most sought-after improvements to Santa Cruz County, and many others.

I volunteered to help on the course, and got in a good mountain bike ride getting out there, and then riding back over the top to Gray Whale Ranch and UCSC with Kathy and Roger afterwards. Diane D, Joyce and I rode out to the 2 mile point before the race started, in order to bring extra water and help people through the trickiest bit, down a small cliff. I brought my camera and snapped some photos...

Peter Huemer approaches the cliff, with Ferrell in hot pursuit

Ol' #61

Now, no tumbles, Ferrell

...the sand segment. Be sure to empty those shoes out at the start of the trail on the far side, people.

Remember, no toppling

Our own Greg Hales toyed with this guy before putting down the hammer in the last mile


What's that tiny red dot on the horizon?

It's Ferrell! Kicking it in..

One of the most beautiful run venues you can imagine, along the wild cliffs of Wilder Ranch State Park

Manages a smile for the camera

...and off towards the rising sun, with his signature right shoulder dip betraying the class Ferrell running form

Long lost uber-triathlete from the '80's Melody Miles, visiting from France where she now lives. Great to see her once again.

Joyce and Kathy

Some disc brake rubbing on my mtn bike (bought from Roger), and ministered to by Roger here, before the big ride back home.

The Santa Cruz Track Club not only was a major sponsor, we cleaned up on the awards stage too... (some sort of conflict of interests thing going on here?)

We took the usual trails up to Old Cabin, and across and up to...

...the Eucalyptus Grove, then up to Empire Grade, through the back country of UCSC, down U-Conn to the new McCrary trail and then to home.