A last minute add to my busy schedule - Ferrell emailed that he was doing it, and the SCTC was putting it on - it sounded like a good way to start a Sunday. Even though, I'd done ~25 miles of running, mostly above 10,000 ft elevation, over the past 3 days and wondered if I needed a rest day. Actually, it all worked out very well.

No, not a Big Check... it's the course map - still quite lovely

I want one of those red shirts this year

Piet and Rick have had some classic battles in past years

At the start line - a study in blues and grays

A wrinkle in an otherwise straightforward trail run - the beach crossing


There's always a moment on these out/back races - when Ferrell and I cross in opposite directions. It's almost here...

managing a bit of a grin

John Hofacre - destined for hardware in my age group

Yaron - veteran of my Astro 28 adventures, also did well

As my artistic framing suggests, this race felt like an uphill battle for Maria, whose been battling injuries this year

At the finish, Boston Marathon mega-veteran and former mayor Katherine Beiers, Sue Dunn and Trish of the track club

Rick and Rick, a little the worse for wear, but otherwise identical to the first shot

Ferrell took home first place in his age group - well done!


Here's the results