Ferrell's final Wildflower Triathlon race, and Dave and I came along to celebrate and jump in for a swim and/or run. As usual, we got a room at Hunter-Liggett 20 minutes away from the race - nice - with a great view of the Big Sur mountains.

Rick, Dave and I enjoy a cold beer with our fish burritos, on the veranda outside our door


I really need to use the roller the night before a race. Dave does some stretches. Meanwhile, Ferrell is settling in to the only bed, waiting for me to pop in the evening's movie "Without Limits", on the life of running legend Steve Prefontaine - a wonderful film.

Next morning was chilly. 36F is pretty cool for early May. Ferrell was starting to fret about not having any cold weather gear...

But by the time we pulled out the gear, it had warmed up to a balmy 42F. At this moment, I realized I'd left my swim gear in my mesh daypack which didn't get transferred out of my car. Doh! No swim for Nolthenius this year...

I didn't bring my bike (nor Dave), and Ferrell rode down Lynch Hill alone. Dave and I grabbed a bus, thinking it was going to drop us off at the bottom of the hill; instead, it headed over to the start 2 miles away. Here we're looking down at the lake start

No worries, Ferrell figured it out, and we met him at the lake ramp same as last year's, given the drought-shrunken Lake San Antonio. Spokesman Bicycle, downtown Santa Cruz, sponsored Rick's tri suit.

Ferrell's feeling ready for a strong race, and all of us were in good spirits, especially when the sun came out.

The swim course, and the long run up the endless ramp (even longer than last year, I believe) to the end of the transition.


Ferrell's wave start goes off.

Rick's out of the water with a good time

Dave and I join him for the first run, to the bike transition area back at Lynch

A selfie on the dried lake bottom halfway through the run

After the first run, I sampled the powerbars at the festival area with Dave (who also ran with Ferrell on Run #1), then cheered on the college team competitors who were beginning to come in off the bike and start the final run. Dave joined me there at the top of the stairs, about the time I decided it was the right time to jump in and do my run #2, to finish in time to photograph Rick coming to the finish line.

The end of my first run

At mile 3 on the second run, an energetic aid station

Rick put on a good kick coming in.

All smiles! A great finish, and a 2nd place in his age group!

Dave ran just as well.

Team Awesome!

SCTC member Kevan Chu did his first triathlon - and took 4th!

The UC Berkeley Tri Team, coached by Bay Area legend Dean Harper and friend of Rick's, were happy to pose for us.

Dean's still putting up incredible times and regularly winning his age group, after his pro days. His son took 2nd place overall today.

Ironman Triathlon legend Julie Moss joined us, and always gives Rick a good media plug over the loud speaker at the Wildflower.

Kevan picks up hardware on his first race - impressive!

Ferrell's final Wildflower is a nice success - 2nd place!

Well done, gentlemen!