The world was supposed to end 4 days ago. Glad THAT didn't happen. Celebrated Christmas with the Delucchi's and track club friends last night. The firewater whiskey did a good job of putting me asleep when I got home just before midnight. Today would be a quiet day working on projects and getting in the run that would reach me my 2012 goal of 600 miles. I needed 7 miles

The first mile is up a hill, across Hwy 1, around the bike path, up Harvey West Drive, into the park, and that takes me to the edge of the Pogonip Greenbelt and some beautiful wild spaces

Beautiful - but deadly. The recent rains had mushrooms popping up everywhere.


I ran without water; figuring I'd refresh myself at the spring up near the university.

Spring Box - a reliable place for good water

I turned around when I got to the circle drive around the upper campus, retraced, and here is a self-time-delayed photo running across the meadow leading to the steep section down the mountain

One last pause to stretch my psoas and hip flexor, at the Evergreen Cemetary (oldest in Santa Cruz) a mile from home.

7.5 miles to be exact (8.3 miles on my meter, but I corrected for a shorter stride length). So.... gooooooooooooooooal!! Got my 600 miles for 2012! Hooray.