Lake Del Valle Aqua Challenge

July 23, 2005

Last year, I swam with my wetsuit and ended up missing out on any awards. This time, I decided to go without. Good choice! While my time was slower, I got a 2nd place medal for my age group (50-59). The water was so warm, that a wetsuit would've been way too hot anyway. The times were real slow - was the course accurate? Best 1 mile time was over 23 minutes; seems too long considering the quality of the swimmers there. Like, about 30% too long! My 1:07:13 for the two mile also seemed pretty slow considering I felt I was swimming fairly well out there. My gimpy left hip was really hurting on the last mile. Despite, I managed to reel in a few swimmers on the final mile and generally felt in good shape. Those pool workouts with Ferrell and Chappette no doubt paid off.

Unfortunately, I remembered my camera but forgot the flash card. No pic's! But, it looked identical to last year so just use your imagination. Got Dave Delucchi to snap this picture of me the following day, with my shirt and medal, at the Wharf to Wharf post-race party.