Firecracker 10K - July 4, 2011

First time I'd done this done this race in 16 years. I recall it was pretty tough - climbing up to the top of the Pogonip just below the UCSC campus, and back down the asphalt roads to the foot of High Street, and then on over to Harvey West Park. It's a fun race to do, because I see so many friends there, and the pancake breakfast for everyone at the end. Dave Delucchi did the 5K race, and I did the 10K. Rick Ferrell was nursing a sore calf and was sidelined. I brought my tiny Lumix camera, but unfortunately I didn't notice the exposure compensation was still set on +1 stop from the last adventure, so most shots are over exposed and suffer from motion blur.

Me and the Mayors - former Santa Cruz mayors Neal Coonerty and Katherine Beirs. We're waiting in the starting gate, well back of the front runners.

Hey, pace yourself you speedy kids. Alas, they blew up at mile 1, right after the picture.

Now on Hwy 9, heading towards Golf Club Drive

Gate to the old Clubhouse on the Pogonip land

Uncle Sam passes me.

Well-wishers in the High Street neighborhoods that the course now winds through, heading downhill

More cheers!

One of my good students from a couple years ago - Jeremiah - was having a giddy 10K and we ran together for a half mile or so.

Another patriot!

Making the turn, near Jay's house

Finish line in sight

Post-race warmdown

Pancake breakfast for all racers

Me, Kathy, and Liz

Dave D, Lee, Kathy, and me - SC Track Club rules

Dave Delucchi wins his age group

Katherine Beiers - took home the Gold for her age group, once again

In fact, the entire Beiers gang took home more than their share of the awards. Genetic advantage?

I came in at 1:04:48 - startline to finish line. Certainly slower than in my hey day. But I'm still improving post-surgery. If I'd registered, I'd have been 17th out of 20 in my age group. Dave Delucchi did the 5k race in 19:16; 1st out of 7 in his age group, and 10th overall. Excellent! Here's the website with the race results.