Perfect weather for this one. I biked to the start, arriving at the Santa Cruz wharf watching the sun just peek above the distant mountains... and discovered I'd left my bike lock at home. I had time to return home and get it - barely. Locked my bike and hurried to the start and moments later the gun went off. Didn't have a CLUE where I was swimming, so I just followed the froth, which was heading vaguely off into the just-risen sun. Water was warm, (60F), light chop, and I felt good out there. A sharp right turn at the 2nd bouy, then I felt sure we would swim parallel to shore and out past the end of the pier and finish on Cowell's as per usual. I put my head down and swam... and then noticed no one was around me! A second bouy turned out to be a turn back - we finished on the Main beach. Well... I was feeling strong and good and that's the main thing. So what if I came in at 38:11?

Back from the race, I snapped this pic of my stubble'y self from my deck

Scott's loyal girlfriend awaits him off the bike leg

World amateur champion Pete Kain starts the run

My former student Dominque was there to crack some heads if anyone got out of line