This year's race was shifted deep into the Fall. Dave D had other plans, and Rick Ferrell was rehabing a bum knee. I am still not ready for a pavement half marathon on my left leg, so it was going to be me alone, banditing just the swim and bike.

Trouble was, we had fog...

Soupy fog, which just got thicker the longer we stood around

That's the Cocoanut Grove, a hundred yards away and barely visible

Too dangerous for the power boat rescue crews to be criss-crossing out there, turning triathletes into chum. So we waited for the fog to clear...

...but it just got thicker. And darker. Those palm trees are barely 50 yards away

Some did not give up hope

As the chill deepened during the wait (now an hour long)... it was time to generate some heat

Then the word came - the swim was officially fogged out. Pretend we swam, walk across, wave starts to begin at the swim finish.

The first wave goes off, and it's time to put down the camera and get ready for my bike

After returning home, a self-portrait. My bike time was a solid 5 minutes off of last year's time, so I was happy.

Later that weekend, dinner and carving pumpkins to celebrate the beginning of the holidays

My bike time was 3:30:33, and the outleg was only 5 seconds faster than the return. Since there was no wind this fine foggy fall day, that seemed to indicate I could keep my race pace up for a half Ironman bike distance and feel good at the end. Progress on my post-surgery saga!