Lake Millerton Triathlon - April 19, 2003

Rick Ferrell and I on another adventure! Rick's salesmanship skills got me to join him at the wonderful Extended Stay Inn in Fresno, before the triathlon the next morning... but then I had to run off; a scouting trip to my Astro 28G trip to Sequoia National Monument, and then to another Kent Strumpell cabin get-together in Acton. Still, it was quick, but fun I jumped in and did the swim, watched Rick's bike/run transition, then had to take off.

We met up at Casa de Fruita and caravan'd to Fresno. Rick gets ready to download the gear to our room.

The ritual begins with the pumping of the tires.

I'm ready, and...

We're off! A 1.5km swim. I had a good swim, but didn't get the time written down.

Get those shoes on, Ferrell, and run!

Wish I could've stayed, but Ferell met up with Steve Riggio and so had some one to trade war stories with after the race - and his solid 2nd place finish. Good race, Rick!