This year's race came after a long night of astrophotography, and I was happy the race started so late - 11am. My goal was to set a PR. I like this course, because it's identical every year and so I can compare my times to see how my fitness and training is going. My PR is 23:58, set in 1993.

Ultra distance uber-swimmer Bruckner Chase, out from the east coast, is preparing for a marathon swim in Alaska later this summer

Bruckner did great. I had a good race too, but not a PR.

Marta was happy with her (strong) race, but shivering as she did it sans wetsuit

My swim time was 25:30 (w/ wetsuit), which was 1:32 seconds shy of my PR. That would put me 8th ouf of 25 in my age group. I felt good and swam strong, but I did not choose a good line. I realized after the race that despite my improved swimming, I've not been able to PR here in the past few tries because I'm starting on the outside left. The southerly current and errant swimmers just conspire to push you too far from the pier and increase my distance. I'll test this theory out next year when I intend to swim on the inside right.

Race results should be posted here.