The 19th anniversary of my first Santa Cruz triathlon. Weather was gray, and the swim was supposed to be 1/2 mile. But it seems to have been measured without the out and in legs and so, in fact, it was quite a bit longer. But I felt good out there and swam well. I cheered in the rest of the swimmers and then took some pics as the rest of the local gang was off to some good races.

Me, getting ready for the swim. Note the wetsuit tan lines - I do like ocean swims!

Rick Ferrell, in another prep race for his Ironman Wisconsin adventure in September

Hey! Does this look like the transition zone of a champion, Ferrell?

Don't fumble that banana, Rick!

...still got that banana peel

Kevin comes in off a great bike leg

Marcello takes a hit

Kevin, with helmut-hair flying, sprints in

TacoBell Ken... "this watch must be off"

Marcello has a strong finish - well done!

Ferrell, w/o the family support team this year, still kicks in a good race... you can see

TacoBell Ken's training nutrition plan gets him to the finish line

Rick, Kathy, and friends

Rick and Kevin

Me, Rick, Maria and Marco (with his new bad-boy look)