My first complete triathlon in 12 years, after sufficiently recovering from my hip resurfacing 14 months earlier! With severe osteoporosis after my surgery, I took the run training quite slow and gradual. My goal here was to have a PR swim, a decent bike, and to not break my new hip on the run. I chose this race as my first in the comeback because the run is 4.5 miles mostly on soft beach sand. All of my (limited) run training was barefoot on beach sand at the main beach in Santa Cruz.

And no, that's not me - this great title shot was taken by (former student of mine) Alfredo, of our mutual buddy Rick Ferrell coming in on the run.

Dave Delucchi, in the midst of an amazing race season, is all smiles and even has a halo

More smiles...hmm. Where's the game faces?

Ferrell, multitasking before the race. Closing another insurance deal?

I'm cytomax'ing before my race


A nice shot of the 3 Amigos

That's us, beyond the Cement Boat

Coming in on the swim

Starting the bike transition

Coming in on the bike, down the hill in Rio del Mar Beach

Ferrell makes the turn into the transition

Rick looking strong on the run

a "V" for Victory from Ferrell

Team Awesome - Dave, Rick, Slothower, me (and Kelsey)

I finished just fine on my new hip - no limping, no walking, and no injuries! and Delucchi was incredible once again, continuing his string of great performances this season

Maria w/ the new miniMaria, and Diane D

Kelsey helps select Rick's sand sculpture age group award...

...She liked the one with the killer whale

Delucchi (finished at 1:31:12) with Dave Slothower. Sloth gave Ferrell a good race, despite only recently getting back into triathlon, but Rick edged him by 5:40.

Rick, at 1:29:22, won 2nd place in his age group - Great performace, Ferrell!


My times...

~2/3mi Swim: 18:00 Transition: 4:13 15mi Bike: 55:22 Transition: 1:12 4.5mi Run: 56:33 Total: 2:17:20

Rick Ferrell's swim was 16:45, and Dave Delucchi has straightened out his swimming technique and put in a time more fitting for his incredible conditioning - 18:15.

Race results should some day be posted here.