Our heavy tri season continued, with the Sandman... once more, with feeling. I had my little Lumix camera on the bike and run, to capture some moments.


Slothower struggles into his wetsuit

And joins the pre-race photo session

Rick and I jog down to the start line just past the pier and when our wave goes off, we hit the water. I take an outside track to the first bouy, and Ferrell took the inside path. Did I goof? I felt like I had a good strong swim and didn't notice too much that I was a bit swim-tired from the Santa Cruz Roughwater Swim competition the previous day. Anyway, I was out of the water and my watch read 18:01 and I didn't see Ferrell.

Doggone that Ferrell - he's already in transition!

As I got to my bike, I saw Ferrell mounting his and pedalling off - darn! He beat me again!

grab shot from the bike race, through the streets of La Selva Beach

I start my run

Halfway to the turnaround, there's Ferrell on his way in, sporting his new sponsorship by Spokesman Bikes

finish in sight

Kathy was kicking herself she didn't enter the race - she's a gamer and loves to jump into any adventure

Local running legend Steve "RigorMortis" Rigor puts in an appearance to cheer us on. His focus is running these days, not tri's.

Here's the race results. Rick and Dave did well; out of 222, taking 16th and 35th overall. I was 141st. Not bad for 50's and 60's guys! Age group results: Rick was 2nd and Dave 3rd, out of 14. I was 6th out of 8 in the 60-65 year olds (If I'd signed up!). My finishing time of 1:54:55 was 8 minutes faster than in 2012, as my rebuild after my hip surgery continues on pace.