Somehow this race has been going on for 20 years w/o my knowledge or participation. How could this happen?! No more - Rick told me he'd be doing it, and it sounded like a great Saturday morning adventure - up at 5am (pretty darn early for me), drive to InShape on 41st St, bike up Old San Jose Rd to Summit Rd, to Radnovich Farms at Mt. Bache Rd. The race was to start at 8:30am and I gave myself plenty of time to do the ride, as I didn't feel all that recovered yet from the June Lake triathlon last weekend. BTW, my new Lumix DMC-FH27 pocket camera just arrived - this race was it's maiden voyage.

Dawn ride 20 miles up Old San Jose Rd. My legs felt stiff, till I downed the last of my "5 hr Energy" left over from June Lake. Then, I got my legs back.

I arrive with almost an hour to spare. Made good time. I wandered around, snapping some shots - here the volunteers work on breakfast.

Rick biked there too - the back way up Eureka Canyon. And arrives 4 minutes before the starting gun. Typical.

Hmmph. 2 chutes, ~250 people for both races. Looks like a slow start in store.

We're off - a foggy morning as we run along Sumit, then Highland Wy east.

Alive - always a great way to start the morning.

I did the 5K; 29:04 was 4th place in my age group.

The Oxylent Girls - were nice to me! I must've had 5 cups of all my vitamins and minerals in the yummy pomegranate - strawberry concoction.

Rick comes in from the 10K. 43:45 - excellent time! Sorry for the blurry shot, buddy.

Fred Plagmann did the 10K as well, finishing just behind Rick

Great breakfast afterwards - Rick heaps on the scrambled eggs

Then came a seemingly endless raffle. This young lass won twice, including a fine local wine

OMG! I won!

OK; we're outta here.

Rick and I rode together on Highland to Ormsby and Eureka Canyon

Quite a brick, there, Ferrell. For me, it was a 45 mile ride, 3,050 ft of climbing. We part ways at Day Valley Rd, he back to wife, kids, and yardwork and me back to InShape for a cold plunge/hot tub rehab, then across the street to Tacqueria Vallarta, and then to Cabrillo Observatory where I'd scheduled a big work party to put together our new SkyShed POD Observatory dome.