The Wildflower Triathlon 2009 - Olympic Race

This year, Rick and I again stayed at the base and got a good night's sleep before race time. While I'm running again after my '07 surgery, I'm not yet comfortable running a 10K on asphalt with a steep downhill final mile on my osteoporotic bones. Not possible to just jump in on this one, except for the swim - so that was my plan. Swim and then photo Rick's race.

With William Randolf Hearst's hunting lodge in the background, let's mount up

A final inspection and clean-up

The ceremonial packing of the bike...

...and unpacking of the bike, at the Lake San Antonio entrance gate

Rick and Dan, off to the transition area

Not just another pretty face, this former race champion was enlisted to lead the pro's around the swim course (and be able to stay ahead of them)

The pro's hit the water!

While photo'ing, my batterie in the Dimage A-1 died. Argh! I had to bike all the way back up the hills and out to the car at the entrance station to get the replacement. That was my warm-up for my wave start, I suppose.

The pro women are next

Swim start waves went off every 5 minutes from the narrow starting ramp

Am I ready? Guess so...

Rick and friends

I came in off the swim at 27:14, beating last year's time by 21 seconds, and 14th out of 33 in my age group. Ferrell came a minute ahead of me. My strategy was to go off at the front of the pack, swim left and swing around the first bouy very wide. I really hate trying to swim inside a sharkfest start.

Ferrell starts the run

Heading up the stairs, Rick notches his first man down

who's next?

and he's off...

I had an hour to kill, and spent it checking out the exhibition area, sample the goodies, look for (w/o success) good photos... and then capture the finish

Dean Harper is still all grissle, and dominated my age group along with most in the younger age groups as well

Ferrell lopes in

... a great finish

4th out of 79 - great job, Rick!

Those Cal Poly volunteers treated the finishers with a squirt from their squirt guns. Nice on this hot day!

Rick and Jim and a Hallmark moment...

The winner in Rick's age group, in yellow, was well out in front

Another Wildflower adventure in the books!