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Sara Decelle


Math 2 Syllabus
MW section #98931 <-- link to pdf
TTh section #98932
<-- link to pdf

Sara Decelle                                                   Math 2 Syllabus                                                        

Contact Info:  e-mail:, leave a phone number if you want me to call you!

Course Materials: Scientific Calculator, graph paper
Text:  Precalculus, An Investigation of Functions, by Lippman & Rasmussen, ed. 1.5 (Extended Ed. is best!)
ISBN:  9781481975285;

Available FREE online at,
Create an account, add course Math2Fall2017: Course ID _26419_ Enrollment Key _Eclipse_

Evaluation: Your understanding of the course material will be evaluated using: 
3 Exams, 100 points each ~43.5%
8 Quizzes/Quick Writes, 15 points each ~17.5%
14 Homework packets, 5 points each ~10%
Final Exam, 200 points ~29%
Learner Outcomes: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
1. Analyze and investigate properties and features of algebraic functions and synthesize results from the graph or equation of the function.
2. Manipulate algebraic and transcendental expressions and equations appropriate for a beginning calculus course.
3. Demonstrate algebraic literacy for calculus.
Quizzes and Quick Writes: Quizzes and Quick Writes can be given without prior warning. A quiz is no text, notes or homework – a standard quiz. A quick write has three questions pertaining to the course material. You may use your notes, and homework (NOT the text, NOT other students) to assist you in answering the questions. Your lowest quiz or quick write score will be dropped. No make-up quizzes or quick writes.
Written Homework: You will turn in a packet of written homework periodically throughout the semester. Each packet of homework will be graded out of 5 points for correctness, clarity and neatness. Label name, section, problem number, and circle/box/underline your final answer.
Exams: No make-up Exams, you must contact me for early exam arrangements if you cannot make the exam time listed. You will need pencil, paper, calculator, and PHOTO ID. You may use a 3X5 card of notes.
Exam     Date                          Material Covered


MW Oct.2nd/TTh Sept. 28th

5 H.O.’s, Ch.1, 3.8e, 2.1, 2.2


MW Nov.1st/TTh Oct. 31st

2.5, Alt. Ext.Ch. 3, 2 H.O.’s


MW Nov.27th/TTh Nov.28th



Monday Dec. 11th, 7AM!

Tuesday Dec 12, 10AM!

All material covered

Final Exam: The final exam is cumulative. You will be allowed to use a 3" x 5" index card of your own making, photocopies will not be allowed. More specifics will be given the week before the final.
Calculators: You'll need at least a scientific calculator (these will have "log" and "ln" keys). No other electrical devices, cell phones, or iPods are allowed during exams.
Cheating: It is the students’ responsibility to make it clear to me or the proctor that they are NOT cheating. Do it once, you have a zero for that exam. Do it twice, you will be dropped from the course. All cheating offenses will be reported.
All students needing accommodations should inform the instructor ASAP. To determine if you qualify or need assistance with an accommodation, please contact Accessibility Support Center, Room 1073, 479-6379, or the Learning Skills Program, Room 1073, 479-6220. 
Veterans may qualify for accommodations. Wounded Warriors may have acquired injuries which through the American with Disabilities Act(ADA) entitles the use of accommodations to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities.


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